What’s in Allu Arjun’s ‘Pushpa’ Bollywood will learn?

Pushpa still
Allu Arjun in Pushpa ( Movie Still)

Pushpa.. Pushparaj !

Pushpa Naam Sunke Flower Samjha Hai Kya? Fire Hai Main!

Pushpa has been everywhere since its release. Internet is flooded with the countless talks & memes of ‘Pushpa-the rise’, a film by B Sukumar & starring Allu Arjun, the superstar of the south film industry. It’s nothing new that a film made in regional language comes from the south and receives grand box office collection across the country. We have examples of Bahubali 1 & 2. But given the current covid scenario, when big budget bollywood films are getting flops one after one, Our highly paid bollywood superstars failing to impress audience, What you think – ‘Pushpa’ teaches our Hindi film industry i.e. Bollywood ?

When Kabir Khan’s ambitious, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukon starrer 83 falls, how Allu Arjun single handedly pushed Pushpa high!

One thing we all must have noticed that, as Pushpa started getting success at the box office, the comparison between 83, the much-talked film directed by Kabir Khan, and Pushpa also became the talk of the industry. We honestly feel that this comparison has some merit and it could be justified.

The trailer was a hit, but unfortunately not the film.

The digital world i.e. the world of internet is truly unpredictable and interesting too. In this case, all the cinema lovers, critics were highly ambitious with ’83’ and everyone expected a grand innings at the box office. To justify their reviews and predictions, lots of theories were created and developed to make the audience feel that this film going to change the fate of Bollywood in post-covid era.

But as the film didn’t well at the box office and it got defeated in the battle with Pushpa, the same digital world started criticizing and finding the mistakes of ’83’. And here comes the appreciation theory of ‘Pushpa’. Defeating a big budget film like ’83’, a regional language film made its way to grand success pan India.

Did ‘Pushpa’ deserve this appreciation really? Is it truly a MASTerpiece ? Or even a ‘good’ film?

Pushpa Hai Main..Jhukega Nahi (Movie Still)

Given the high box office number, even amidst this covid situation, ‘Pushpa’ received appreciation from everyone. Even some called it a ‘masterpiece’. But is it really so? We, the reviewers at BollywoodMonq.Com, think that ‘Pushpa’ undoubtedly a good film having great mass appeal. But…!

But it’s not a film that can set any benchmark for the great films which have been made in the south film industry. We all have been witnessing some of the unmatched creations from this industry over the years and those films have compelled the pan India audience to watch films beyond bollywood. But in case of ‘Pushpa’, we feel, there is nothing new in it and surely it’s neither a threat or a lesson for bollywood industry, as Allu Arjun starrer film also followed the same path of bollywood masala films aiming for mass audience.

Pushpa Trailer (Hindi)

Pushpa : Isn’t just another masala film ?

Although ‘Pushpa’ got huge success at the box office, but bollywood need not to learn anything from it as it’s just another masala film with some really great dialogues and of course, superb performance by Allu Arjun & team.

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